Wearing Ring, Bracelet And Necklace For Men, In ISLAM Law

Muslim man’s decoration is only two   rings and a wife . Bracelets and Mandala necklaces are not the kind of male jewelry in Islam. Unlawful men wear necklaces and hand bracelets or similar accessories.

“From Ibn Abbas ra that Rasulullah SAW cursed men who resemble women and women who resemble men.”


“Word of the Prophet Muhammad:” Tanganyika soon, in fact he did not add to you but the weakness, in fact if you die and bracelets that is in you, you will not prevail forever.

Bahawasanya Prophet saw a man in his hand a bracelet rather than copper, the Prophet asked:” What is this? “The man replied:” it is rather than al-Wahinah (healer / antidote of pain).

Fiqh as Syafi’iy believes it is haram the law of men resembles women in dress and jewelry such as wearing earrings, booths, necklaces, and Stretchable Crystal Bracelet . Also forbidden to imitate in the form of conversation and entangle unless it is the origin of the event.



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