6 Smart Ways Sleeping Beauty When Too Hot Air

Sleep soundly at night could be a challenge for many people, especially if the outside air is very hot. Sleep when the air is too hot will only make the sheets with sweat and skin becomes sticky.

Here are some smart ways to sleep soundly at night when the air is too hot. Curious?

1. Shower before bed
Nothing can beat the taste of a comfortable bed after a shower. Shower with cold water to lower body temperature and prevent stickiness due to sweat.

2. Use appropriate pillowcase
Pillow Cushion Cover silk are the best, because it can regulate the temperature naturally, more gentle for your hair, and can protect the delicate skin on the face in the long term.


3. Open the window curtains
Just when you wake up in the morning, open the window blinds in the bedroom. Natural sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D and increases serotonin levels which can improve your mood.
In the afternoon, close the curtains, because in this way will keep the temperature in the bedrooms remains low and make sleeping at night more comfortable.

4. Use the appropriate pillow
you’ll sleep in the same place for years, it is time to replace the cushion. Look for pillows and Floor Pillow Covers made from wheat fiber to promote better air flow and absorb heat.

Moreover, these pillows can also support space below the neck, so that the spine remains straight and help the muscles of the neck, as well as your back relax.

5. Consider the sheets used
The higher the number of threads used a bed sheet, the more difficult you breathe. Consider using the sheets which have a lower number of threads in the summer.

6. Wear Shorts and Sleeping alone 
Sleep with others can increase the amount of heat in the body. If you do have to sleep with other people, try not to touch the body of the person and also wear Cotton Sleep Shorts, because this is the best way for air circulation.



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