Make pillowcases Sewing patch – patchwork

Because I am an easy bored, and sometimes give up when I find difficulties when doing a hobby sewing then I decided to make something simple and cheap materials for this project. Yup, let’s make a mini cushion pillow covers Because want to give something that there is a touch of love for our son later.

The material I use is 2 pieces of old slacks that have saggy rubber and cotton pillow that is not used, for the material I think that is flexible just alias what is at home can be used. If you have cotton fabric motif then that’s better.

Preparing materials and tools.

Materials used are cotton / can be changed according to belong, and sewing thread. While the tool used is a sewing machine, scissors, meter, machine needle, pentul needle, ruler, pencil, iron, and cukit
Prepare working drawings.
Create a pattern of wire-size patchwork cushion covers that will be sewn, paste on a patchwork and scissor over each side 1 cm for stitching. Eg want to make a rectangular square shape of 4×4 cm then when cutting the cloth as wide as 5x5cm.
Combine each of the parts with the way
the good parts are facing each other, sewing on each side.
Join the pieces of fabric by stitching and
ironing until it becomes a whole sheet according to the plan.

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