Create Room Atmosphere With Minimalist Carpet

Many people put the carpet as a floor sweetener. In addition, the carpet is also used for comfort reasons. The carpet is wide and soft textured, often placed in the sitting room as a seat.

As an interior element of the house, the carpet and cotton tapestry wall hangings is usually installed in the living room or family room. Some types of carpets are also installed in private and semi public areas . For example installed in the room or work space.


Not limited to the comfort factor, the carpet can support the creation of a room atmosphere concept. Want a more natural or traditional look? You can choose a carpet with natural colors. Like chocolate, yellow, or orange. For motives, you can choose conservative patterns Patchwork cushion pillow covers. Like a line or a box. Flower motifs can be chosen to build a romantic impression.

Carpet function as an atmosphere builder certainly can not be maximized if not supported by other space elements. Every element, from furniture, accessories, paint colors to the walls, and carpets must be mutually supportive. The selection of the design and the color of each element must match.

For example, if you want to build a contemporary modern style room , then use the elements of space that support the theme. Use modern patterned rugs. Color choices can be adjusted to the color of the sofa or color space. However, if the carpet and hanging wall art tapestry you want to use as ornaments, choose colored carpet and a nice contrast that will create the impression of attractive and interesting.


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