Here are 7 Tips on Caring & Washing Kaftan Made from Chiffon

Here are 7 Tips on Caring & Washing Kaftan Made from Chiffon. womens caftan dress or Muslim dress with chiffon is still a favorite of women for Lebaran because of its light material. But a little stain alone will be very visible and difficult to remove. Here are some tips to remove stains on chiffon clothes without having to go to laundry.

1. Know the type of chiffon. Chiffon material consists of several types, ranging from silk chiffon, polyester, and rayon crepe. The silk material is the most delicate and lightweight chiffon material. The material is almost the same as polyester, it’s just silk chiffon more easily damaged if not washed by hand.

For rayon crepe, or often called ‘artificial silk’, the material of kaftan dresses plus size is also smooth but unstable because one can make the material shrink when washed. Knowing the difference in materials, will help you choose the right water temperature and treatment.


2. Carefully observe the washing instructions found on your chiffon label. Usually in the label described the way of washing and drying clothes so as not to fade and damaged.

3. For kaftan berdetail sequins, avoid washing with a washing machine. The best way is to wash manually or hand clothes. It will make the sequin undamaged and deformed.

4. During the holidays, you will prepare meals for the guests who come. Not infrequently, your caftan is filled with a stain of minya due to food sprayed. The solution, abstract the powder over the area to prevent oil imprint on the material of clothing.

5. If the caftan dress plus size made of chiffon exposed to chewing gum, immediately look for ice cubes or candles to make chewing gum becomes stiff and easily removed. Simply rub the ice in the place affected by chewing gum, and wait until it hardens. Then start to lift the candy slowly.

6. For stains that are difficult to remove such as blood or sweat, use a special liquid detergent for a shirt made of fine. Soak in water normal temperature about 30 minutes then rinse.

7. If the stain is still missing, mix one or two drops of detergent with a certain amount of hydrogen peroxide, rubbed on the stained area. Then soak in cold water for 30 minutes and rinse plus size kaftan.


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