Wearing Ring, Bracelet And Necklace For Men, In ISLAM Law

Muslim man’s decoration is only two   rings and a wife . Bracelets and Mandala necklaces are not the kind of male jewelry in Islam. Unlawful men wear necklaces and hand bracelets or similar accessories.

“From Ibn Abbas ra that Rasulullah SAW cursed men who resemble women and women who resemble men.”


“Word of the Prophet Muhammad:” Tanganyika soon, in fact he did not add to you but the weakness, in fact if you die and bracelets that is in you, you will not prevail forever.

Bahawasanya Prophet saw a man in his hand a bracelet rather than copper, the Prophet asked:” What is this? “The man replied:” it is rather than al-Wahinah (healer / antidote of pain).

Fiqh as Syafi’iy believes it is haram the law of men resembles women in dress and jewelry such as wearing earrings, booths, necklaces, and Stretchable Crystal Bracelet . Also forbidden to imitate in the form of conversation and entangle unless it is the origin of the event.


Decoration Foyer Home More Cool To Greet Guests

Home Decore Online StoreThe living room has always been the focal point of the guests’ eyes when they come to the house. Well, there’s no harm in you old magic foyer becomes more elegant and Keck.


Limited land or small dwelling can you magic so pretty by presenting the foyer. Foyer is a transitional area that connects the outer space with the inner space.

As the lifestyle grows, now the function of the foyer has been turned into a reception area. Replaces with Patchwork Pillow Cushion Covers in living room that is rarely found in modern day homes.

That’s why the foyer must look attractive, so guests who come will be amazed to see it.

Inspiration can indeed come from anywhere

Womens ApparelInspiration can indeed come from anywhere, especially for you fashion enthusiasts who are looking for the latest style reference.

Not only limited from the stage of fashion show alone, now you can peek how the model explores his personal style. Starting from minimalist look in monochromatic palette shades to a unified game of layering without excessive impression, it could be an option worth trying.


Do not hesitate also to match with your flagship accessories, such as assorted rings, silver necklace, Strechable Crystal Bracelet  leather cloth or a pair of chunky heels . And most importantly, ‘self-confidence’ is a complementary style that you must wear for the stand-out performance and can be the latest inspiration.

Vintage style is that we can use in all seasons

Nostalgic for vintage clothes or also by choosing the outfit inspired by the style Vintage, Vintage style like Womens Silk Scarf  is a style that favored the women of USA.

We can take inspiration vintage and modern combined with something that looks more stylish. Vintage style characteristic famous polka-dot pattern or floral pattern.

We can combine it with plain subordinates. Mix well with chunky accessories to make it look more fashionable.

Vintage style is that we can use in all seasons. Especially in USA, with summer and winter, in hot weather we could wear sleeveless maxi dress with floral added vintage brown sling bag and during the rainy season we can add Womens Colorful Caftans Dress and stockings.

Follow these Important Tips and Decorate your Home

Try these some home decorating ideas below.

1. Choose wall paint in soft colors
Use paint walls of the house with soft colors such as gray, beige or light green, the colors can give the impression of calm. Or you could also use white, since it could give the impression of a spacious room, the white color as well as a symbol of pure and clean. After paint color you can use Mandala Colorful Tapestries for wall décor.

3. Add fresh flowers
fresh flowers colors will add color while providing a fragrance that will complement the freshness to any room in the house.
4. The lantern Middle Eastern specialties
you can also add a distinctive lantern middle east, put the lantern on the table so they can be the center of attention. Middle Eastern specialties lanterns also can add to the impression cozy on the day of festivals.

5. Decorate sofa with decorative pillows
In the living room, do not forget to use the Mandala Floor Pillow Covers with motif of the Middle East, do not hesitate to choose bright colors to bring the atmosphere in the middle of your family.


6. Floor cushions or pillows on the floor 
Put some floor cushion  or pillow on the floor on the carpet for home decoration at the feast. Floor pillows will also produce atmospheric Arabic chic style that is more stylish. 

Tapestry Islamic dynasty to dynasty

Islam’s glory in the golden age marked by alternating the ruler instead. The downfall of a dynasty will be replaced with another dynasty. It turned out to join an impact on various areas, especially the art of making rugs. Every dynasty has a style and design of each decorative tapestry.
The Mamluks 
 Tapestry in the heyday of the Mamluks generally made of wool. However, some are specially made using silk.cotton tapestry wall hangings made by the craftsmen and artists Mamluks itukebanyakan exported to Italy. Characteristic of Mamluk rugs found in bright colors, such as red, yellow, blue, and green. Geometric decorative motifs also characterize tapestry designs produced during the reign of the Mamluks.
Safavid dynasty
in the 16th century AD, when the Safavid dynasty in power, the production of carpet into a kind of national business. Tapestry relics ruling dynasty in Persia it indicates that the rug had a very important place as a work of art. In contrast to the traditional tapestry nomads, tapestry produced made with higher technology.
At that time, it had a monopoly of trade dynasty hanging wall art tapestry. Results rug exports to various countries, including Europe, has made financial coffers this dynasty will be thicker. One of his trademark, ornate designs that appear on PERMADA days was the pattern of vegetation.
Mughal Dynasty
At the end of the 17th century, the tapestry was produced in India. Under the reign of Mughal dynasty, tapestry also produced massive amounts of capital. The craftsmen in India have the ability to create a tapestry by adopting the design and engineering developed in Persia. Tapestries of the Indian subcontinent even this somewhat popular.

Tapestries, Islamic Culture Products that Make the World Shane West

For the people of Bedouin Arab, Persian, and Anatolia, tapestries became something very important in dupan, such as for making tents to protect themselves from sandstorms and the floor mat that is convenient for households. In addition, the colorful tapestry wall hangings used to be a wall hanging or a room divider. Even, in use as blankets, bags, and saddles.


Tapestry basically used in the Islamic world as flooring mosques and homes. Not infrequently, the tapestry was used like hisan walls in the palaces of kings in the golden age of Islam. Muslim tapestry artists in the glory days of Islam usually using fleece (wool), goat, or camel hair as materials for perma dani. Over time, cotton and silk just used as material to create a tapestry.

History records, the oldest rug from the Islamic world are found in Fustat-Cairo Old-bertarikh 821 M. In addition, also found high value mandala tapestries made in the 13th century, 14, and 15 M. Based on the bond form decorative designs , per civil relics from antiquity to jayaan was divided into two types. The first comes from the Spanish Muslim, performing with ornate design geometry.

The second type is believed to be coming from Anatolia. Design animal-shaped decorations. It is said that in the 14th century and 15 M, ornate design as it is the trend.

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