Create Room Atmosphere With Minimalist Carpet

Many people put the carpet as a floor sweetener. In addition, the cotton tapestry wall hangings is also used for comfort reasons. The carpet is wide and soft textured, often placed in the sitting room as a seat.

As an interior element of the house, the carpet is usually installed in the living room or family room. Some types of carpets are also installed in private and semipublic areas . For example installed in the room or work space.

Not limited to the comfort factor, the carpet can support the creation of a room atmosphere concept. Want a more natural or traditional look? You can choose a boho mandala tapestry with natural colors. Like chocolate, yellow, or orange. For motives, you can choose conservative patterns . Like a line or a box. Flower motifs can be chosen to build a romantic impression.


Carpet function as an atmosphere builder certainly can not be maximized if not supported by other space elements. Every element, from furniture, accessories, paint colors to the walls, and carpets must be mutually supportive. The selection of the design and the color of each element must match.

For example, if you want to build a contemporary modern style room , then use the elements of space that support the theme. Use modern patterned rugs. Color choices can be adjusted to the color of the sofa or color space. However, if the carpet wants to be used as an ornament, choose a colored carpet and Indian wall hangings and tapestries so it will create an attractive and attractive impression.



Make pillowcases Sewing patch – patchwork

Because I am an easy bored, and sometimes give up when I find difficulties when doing a hobby sewing then I decided to make something simple and cheap materials for this project. Yup, let’s make a mini cushion pillow covers Because want to give something that there is a touch of love for our son later.

The material I use is 2 pieces of old slacks that have saggy rubber and cotton pillow that is not used, for the material I think that is flexible just alias what is at home can be used. If you have cotton fabric motif then that’s better.

Preparing materials and tools.

Materials used are cotton / can be changed according to belong, and sewing thread. While the tool used is a sewing machine, scissors, meter, machine needle, pentul needle, ruler, pencil, iron, and cukit
Prepare working drawings.
Create a pattern of wire-size patchwork cushion covers that will be sewn, paste on a patchwork and scissor over each side 1 cm for stitching. Eg want to make a rectangular square shape of 4×4 cm then when cutting the cloth as wide as 5x5cm.
Combine each of the parts with the way
the good parts are facing each other, sewing on each side.
Join the pieces of fabric by stitching and
ironing until it becomes a whole sheet according to the plan.

Model Skirt Length Body Shape Match 2017

Just like in Wearing a suit, wearing a long skirt is also obliged to observe the body shape that you appear beautiful and attractive when wearing it.

In choosing your long skirt shall adapt to your body shape, lest you are mistaken in choosing a long skirt for bajal can mengimbuhkan less unsightly impression.

For those of you who love to wear a long skirt, whether it’s to show just hang out with friends or just relax, you can look at these tips that will be updated, just let us refer to the tips.


For High Body and Sleek
If you have a body shape that is tall and slim, long skirts all models you can use and it will appear right in your body. You can Dressed in a long skirt with Misses Tops design, pattern, and color anything you want.

One of the tips in order to appear beautiful by wearing a long skirt female models 2017, for you are tall and slim is to combine the long skirt with a plain blouse models muted colors.

Body Tiny or Short
One of the problems often faced by a woman with Cotton Sleep Shorts or petite body is the turmoil that emerged ‘sink’ and so short with wearing a skirt that she kenakannya.

Trend Model Rok Panjang Wanita Terbaru 2015(1).jpg

To work around this, you can combine anatara long skirt 2017 model-fitting blouse with a matching color as well (not required the same). It would be better if you use a blouse that has a darker color than your skirt. Avoid skirt with a pattern of large and flat footwear.

For body Very Thin
If you have a body that is too thin, chances are you can try to Wearing a kaftan dresses plus size to make your own body curves.

Versatile Caftan for Stylish Display

The trend of fashion  more and more innovative so that it requires designers to compete to create works that will create a new trend among the lovers of  fashion .

But, have you ever imagine wearing an outfit that is multi functional plus size kaftan in one outfit into several models?Just imagine, we no longer need to be confused to wear what clothes we wear. Moreover, it is very suitable outfit worn in the summer, which definitely makes you become more current style.


These forces we can make a scarf, scraft with various models and not only that, people who hijab too, can wear it as a head scarf. Wow! Interesting right? With batik motifs and colors that match the colors of summer this year, giving the atmosphere more cheerful.

This versatile clothing kaftan dresses plus size shape. Even many who wonder whether there is a multi functional kaftan like that? This product is a fashion that was developed by one of the airlines in Indonesia, where they were sold on a limited basis. Curious how the application? Consider the following creative creations.

6 Smart Ways Sleeping Beauty When Too Hot Air

Sleep soundly at night could be a challenge for many people, especially if the outside air is very hot. Sleep when the air is too hot will only make the sheets with sweat and skin becomes sticky.

Here are some smart ways to sleep soundly at night when the air is too hot. Curious?

1. Shower before bed
Nothing can beat the taste of a comfortable bed after a shower. Shower with cold water to lower body temperature and prevent stickiness due to sweat.

2. Use appropriate pillowcase
Pillow Cushion Cover silk are the best, because it can regulate the temperature naturally, more gentle for your hair, and can protect the delicate skin on the face in the long term.


3. Open the window curtains
Just when you wake up in the morning, open the window blinds in the bedroom. Natural sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D and increases serotonin levels which can improve your mood.
In the afternoon, close the curtains, because in this way will keep the temperature in the bedrooms remains low and make sleeping at night more comfortable.

4. Use the appropriate pillow
you’ll sleep in the same place for years, it is time to replace the cushion. Look for pillows and Floor Pillow Covers made from wheat fiber to promote better air flow and absorb heat.

Moreover, these pillows can also support space below the neck, so that the spine remains straight and help the muscles of the neck, as well as your back relax.

5. Consider the sheets used
The higher the number of threads used a bed sheet, the more difficult you breathe. Consider using the sheets which have a lower number of threads in the summer.

6. Wear Shorts and Sleeping alone 
Sleep with others can increase the amount of heat in the body. If you do have to sleep with other people, try not to touch the body of the person and also wear Cotton Sleep Shorts, because this is the best way for air circulation.


Wearing Ring, Bracelet And Necklace For Men, In ISLAM Law

Muslim man’s decoration is only two   rings and a wife . Bracelets and Mandala necklaces are not the kind of male jewelry in Islam. Unlawful men wear necklaces and hand bracelets or similar accessories.

“From Ibn Abbas ra that Rasulullah SAW cursed men who resemble women and women who resemble men.”


“Word of the Prophet Muhammad:” Tanganyika soon, in fact he did not add to you but the weakness, in fact if you die and bracelets that is in you, you will not prevail forever.

Bahawasanya Prophet saw a man in his hand a bracelet rather than copper, the Prophet asked:” What is this? “The man replied:” it is rather than al-Wahinah (healer / antidote of pain).

Fiqh as Syafi’iy believes it is haram the law of men resembles women in dress and jewelry such as wearing earrings, booths, necklaces, and Stretchable Crystal Bracelet . Also forbidden to imitate in the form of conversation and entangle unless it is the origin of the event.


Decoration Foyer Home More Cool To Greet Guests

Home Decore Online StoreThe living room has always been the focal point of the guests’ eyes when they come to the house. Well, there’s no harm in you old magic foyer becomes more elegant and Keck.


Limited land or small dwelling can you magic so pretty by presenting the foyer. Foyer is a transitional area that connects the outer space with the inner space.

As the lifestyle grows, now the function of the foyer has been turned into a reception area. Replaces with Patchwork Pillow Cushion Covers in living room that is rarely found in modern day homes.

That’s why the foyer must look attractive, so guests who come will be amazed to see it.

Inspiration can indeed come from anywhere

Womens ApparelInspiration can indeed come from anywhere, especially for you fashion enthusiasts who are looking for the latest style reference.

Not only limited from the stage of fashion show alone, now you can peek how the model explores his personal style. Starting from minimalist look in monochromatic palette shades to a unified game of layering without excessive impression, it could be an option worth trying.


Do not hesitate also to match with your flagship accessories, such as assorted rings, silver necklace, Strechable Crystal Bracelet  leather cloth or a pair of chunky heels . And most importantly, ‘self-confidence’ is a complementary style that you must wear for the stand-out performance and can be the latest inspiration.

Vintage style is that we can use in all seasons

Nostalgic for vintage clothes or also by choosing the outfit inspired by the style Vintage, Vintage style like Womens Silk Scarf  is a style that favored the women of USA.

We can take inspiration vintage and modern combined with something that looks more stylish. Vintage style characteristic famous polka-dot pattern or floral pattern.

We can combine it with plain subordinates. Mix well with chunky accessories to make it look more fashionable.

Vintage style is that we can use in all seasons. Especially in USA, with summer and winter, in hot weather we could wear sleeveless maxi dress with floral added vintage brown sling bag and during the rainy season we can add Womens Colorful Caftans Dress and stockings.

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