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Here are 7 Tips on Caring & Washing Kaftan Made from Chiffon

Here are 7 Tips on Caring & Washing Kaftan Made from Chiffon. womens caftan dress or Muslim dress with chiffon is still a favorite of women for Lebaran because of its light material. But a little stain alone will be very visible and difficult to remove. Here are some tips to remove stains on chiffon clothes without having to go to laundry.

1. Know the type of chiffon. Chiffon material consists of several types, ranging from silk chiffon, polyester, and rayon crepe. The silk material is the most delicate and lightweight chiffon material. The material is almost the same as polyester, it’s just silk chiffon more easily damaged if not washed by hand.

For rayon crepe, or often called ‘artificial silk’, the material of kaftan dresses plus size is also smooth but unstable because one can make the material shrink when washed. Knowing the difference in materials, will help you choose the right water temperature and treatment.


2. Carefully observe the washing instructions found on your chiffon label. Usually in the label described the way of washing and drying clothes so as not to fade and damaged.

3. For kaftan berdetail sequins, avoid washing with a washing machine. The best way is to wash manually or hand clothes. It will make the sequin undamaged and deformed.

4. During the holidays, you will prepare meals for the guests who come. Not infrequently, your caftan is filled with a stain of minya due to food sprayed. The solution, abstract the powder over the area to prevent oil imprint on the material of clothing.

5. If the caftan dress plus size made of chiffon exposed to chewing gum, immediately look for ice cubes or candles to make chewing gum becomes stiff and easily removed. Simply rub the ice in the place affected by chewing gum, and wait until it hardens. Then start to lift the candy slowly.

6. For stains that are difficult to remove such as blood or sweat, use a special liquid detergent for a shirt made of fine. Soak in water normal temperature about 30 minutes then rinse.

7. If the stain is still missing, mix one or two drops of detergent with a certain amount of hydrogen peroxide, rubbed on the stained area. Then soak in cold water for 30 minutes and rinse plus size kaftan.

Cotton Pilling Resistance Fadeless A Family of Four Bedding we say welcome to you buyers who will buy colorful tapestry wall hangings on this Oussum website. Oussum provides your various needs online, with the intention to alleviate you to make payments to shop online.

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Purchase New Stylish and Colorful Pillow Cases @ Oussum

You may already know the various levels related to the price of pillow cushion covers for sofa in September 2017. However, all of it certainly has a variety of considerations, ranging from the authenticity of the goods offered, the quantity of goods offered, as well as trends of goods owned by the seller.

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5 Things to Consider When Renovating a House

If you are planning to renovate the house in the near future, you should consider the dangers for your health. Because home renovation projects such as sanding, painting and drilling wood can cause harmful dust emissions, microscopic particles that can trigger asthma, heart disease, cancer, until developmental disorders and birth defects in children. To reduce exposure to toxins at home, you can listen to these 5 recommendations: mandala hanging blanket

Obtain the necessary permits

In order to do business, your home remodeling company certainly has a business license. Feel free to request a copy of the license to the contractor so you can make sure the project is safe to implement.

Protect yourself

If you choose to stay when the residence is renovated, make sure you and your family are protected. Use masks and goggles to avoid irritation. Suggest to contractors to wet the walls and other surfaces before renovation, to prevent harmful particles from flying. blue ceramic cabinet knobs


Let in some fresh air

Perform renovation projects with open ventilation and turn on the fan to keep the air circulation running properly. Before the renovation, you should also check the weather conditions. Summer is the best time to build or renovate a house. The air and the sun can accelerate the drying process of the materials used.

Go green

Choose paint and building materials that are lead free. Check the label on the product packaging that says that the building product is safe for humans and environmentally friendly. hanging wall art tapestry

Move out

If the renovation project includes the sanding, stripping, varnishing, and painting of the whole building, we recommend that you and your family move elsewhere temporarily.

View Royal Luxury Jewelry History Kate Middleton Ever Liked

Middleton or who is familiarly called Kate is always stealing public attention in terms of fashion style. Indeed since before married to Prince William, Kate has shown a simple but elegant style.

Now, after marriage, the appearance of a woman who holds the Duchess of Cambridge is increasingly stealing the attention. One of her supporting performances is the luxurious jewelry of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana that was loaned to her.

Yes, it has become a tradition when the diamond jewelry worn by the princesses of the British Empire on a public tour is an inheritance jewelry. It is considered a kind of bringing the luck and blessing of their predecessors. Here are some jewelry ‘lungsuran’ Queen Elizabeth and the late Princess Diana often worn Kate Middleton,


Tiara wedding

One of the luxury jewelry Kate Middleton has ever worn is the Cartier tiara. Tiara Cartier worn Kate when married to Prince William in 2011 then. The diamond throne was purchased from Cartier boutique in France in 1936 by King George VI (Duke of York) as a birthday present for his wife, Queen Elizabeth I, mother of the current Queen of England.

The mother then gave the tiara to Queen Elizabeth II on her 18th birthday, and became her personal collection. Having 149 diamonds of baton, the tiara was also worn by Princess Margaret and Princess Anne. Then, reappear in 2011, decorate Kate’s beautiful hair on her wedding day.

Engagement ring

The one that Kate Middleton always wore at every show was her engagement ring. When applying Kate, Prince William gave the ring as a symbol of his love. However, do you know if the ring has a special meaning for Prince William?

How not, the ring is the ring of Princess Diana. Apparently, after Prince Charles proposed Princess Diana privately, they had their own engagement ring from the official jewelry shop Garrad in February 1981. After Princess Diana died, the ring decorated with 14 solitaire diamonds and 12 carats of blue oval stones was inherited to Prince Harry. However, Prince Harry gave it to his brother.

Maple leaf brooch

During a tour of North America in 2011, Kate Middleton was seen wearing a maple leaf brooch in his outfit. Investigate a calibaration, the brooch was originally given King George VI to Queen Elizabeth I in 1939 before leaving for a tour of Canada first. Since then, Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla,  womens caftan dress

Prince Charles’s current wife, always embed the brooch every time they visit Canada. This tradition was continued by Kate Middleton.

15 Inspiration Your Minimalist Kitchen Decorating

If you feel confused about how a good minimalist kitchen decoration use it Mandala Colorful Tapestries because you yourself do not like the formality, you can create a warm minimalist kitchen space and comfortable and does not have to be formal memorable.

The use of cabinet is suitable for decorating kitchen space minimalist, because it saves space and impressed neat.


Below you can see a variety of inspirational ideas in a beautiful minimalist kitchen and living Room decor with Patchwork Pillow Cushion Covers  and look charming.

Of all the inspirations of  this minimalist kitchen decor , the most important thing is to keep clean and tidy. Because, the kitchen is a mirror of the personality of its inhabitants. Happy to be creative!

Minimalist Room, Minimalist Carpet

Beginning in the 2000s, housing options returned to the minimalist.The swelling of the price of land and building materials every year makes us no longer able to establish or renovate the house with imperial or modern type of decorative cushion covers.

Housing services did not dare to provide the type of modern house in large numbers. The percentage of minimalist houses built larger than the modern house. Tata room also in minimalist design tailored to the size of the land area.

Minimalist room does not mean minimal decoration, especially the floor. Minimalist carpet is needed. Usually the size of the living room minimalist about 2 x 3 m, 3 x 3 m, 3 x 4 m, so that when wearing tapestry with a standard size and large will have the remaining floor is not covered by carpet.


The size of the elephant bohemian tapestry is neither square nor integer size, So there are still many open floors. It is one of the shortcomings of the rug, a size that does not fit with what we need. It’s time we turn to tile carpet (floor) or roll meter carpet to meet those needs. 

Carpet tile has been determined its size as the floor 50 cm x 50 cm.Package of tile carpet is usually 5-6 M2 in 1 box with content about 20-24 pcs (1 box = minimum purchase). So when the room we use less than 5-6 M2, then there will be the rest of the carpet is not used. 

Likewise when the room exceeds the width of 1 box package, then we must buy more than 1 box. Types of tile carpets and pillow cushion covers for sofa can be found here . For the meter / roll carpet commonly called meter run, it means the width of the carpet fix about 3.66 – 4 meters depending on the type of carpet. 

So when we want to buy carpet meter run, just calculate how long we want. If the area of ​​†<†<the room that wants to be covered with carpet meter run 3 x 4, then the length of the carpet that we buy only 3 meters (with the width of the meter carpet run 4 meters)

Create Room Atmosphere With Minimalist Carpet

Many people put the carpet as a floor sweetener. In addition, the carpet is also used for comfort reasons. The carpet is wide and soft textured, often placed in the sitting room as a seat.

As an interior element of the house, the carpet and cotton tapestry wall hangings is usually installed in the living room or family room. Some types of carpets are also installed in private and semi public areas . For example installed in the room or work space.


Not limited to the comfort factor, the carpet can support the creation of a room atmosphere concept. Want a more natural or traditional look? You can choose a carpet with natural colors. Like chocolate, yellow, or orange. For motives, you can choose conservative patterns Patchwork cushion pillow covers. Like a line or a box. Flower motifs can be chosen to build a romantic impression.

Carpet function as an atmosphere builder certainly can not be maximized if not supported by other space elements. Every element, from furniture, accessories, paint colors to the walls, and carpets must be mutually supportive. The selection of the design and the color of each element must match.

For example, if you want to build a contemporary modern style room , then use the elements of space that support the theme. Use modern patterned rugs. Color choices can be adjusted to the color of the sofa or color space. However, if the carpet and hanging wall art tapestry you want to use as ornaments, choose colored carpet and a nice contrast that will create the impression of attractive and interesting.

New Winter Women Jersey and Cotton Scarf

We can’t deny that scarf 2016 new winter jersey scarf cotton modal scarf Muslim hijab is one of influencing and hottest trend. The purpose of hijab usually is to cover the head and make your whole body covered. But now, there are many different styles of pashmina silk scarf to make Hijab Fashion as one of the lovable fashions.

If you look up on the internet, there are already a lot of inspirations about how to wear hijab in a chic way and bring your hijab to the next level.


scarf 2016 new winter jersey scarf cotton modal scarf muslim hijab is not only for covering your body, but plus size caftans also creates the new trend of fashion without revealing your body part.

Those are the types of scarf 2016 new winter jersey scarf cotton modal scarf muslim hijab, especially in US. It’s interesting to see that beauty comes in many forms, right? So, maybe you can start to try these caftan top and experience it by yourself.

Whatever you wear, if the beauty of heart and confidence are with you then you will always be beautiful.

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